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MVP = Most Valuable Picks

Are you ready to finally start winning? With Fast Break Bets, you are getting the best sports betting picks and projections on the web. Whether you're just looking for some extra income or making a significant investment, you've come to the right place.

In case you haven't read my About Me bio, here's a quick summary - I'm a young Chicagoan stats nerd with a huge passion for sports betting. Technically I am a tout, but I try my best to do it the right way and remove the stigma associated with it. I'm not a sleazy con-artist trying to trick you with fake numbers and fake Twitter followers (yes, that's a thing). I'm simply doing what I love and hoping to help others in the process.

Since I am a huge stats nerd, I have developed predictive models for several sports - so my picks are purely analytical based. There's no "gut" picks, no chasing losses, and especially no "30 unit bomb plays" that so many touts do to inflate their results (or more often, destroy their clients' bankrolls). My picks follow a strict system to ensure long-term, consistent success by finding value in the betting markets (and with less emojis).

Because I am so confident in my picks, I have an offer you can't possibly refuse...

Profit Guaranteed!

All my paid packages are covered by my #StraightCash Guarantee. If my picks are not profitable during the time of your subscription, then I will completely refund your original payment. You read that right: not a fraction of a refund, not an additional week or month of picks, but a full 100% refund. If my picks lose, then I don't deserve to be paid for them. It's that simple.

How does this work?

I send my picks and projections each morning via email and a private Twitter account. Most picks are sent by 9 am EDT Monday-Friday and 10 am EDT on weekends. I may also add a couple throughout the day because of line-up changes, odds not being out for a certain game, or line movements, but I will mention this in my email and tweets each morning so you are aware of games I am monitoring. I make sure that everyone has at least an hour before each game starts, but it's usually 2-3 hours for any additions.

Past Results

2017 NCAAF: 86-65, +23.85u (10.11% ROI)
2017 NFL: 20-25, -9.05u (-11.62% ROI)
2017 MLB Playoffs: 15-18, -4.67u (-7.33% ROI)
2017 MLB: 364-306, +179.83u (10.71% ROI)
2017 WNBA: 108-70, +84.60u (19.76% ROI)
2016-17 NBA: 256-198, +100.20u (8.75% ROI)
2016 MLB: 254-258, +123.08 Units (8.42% ROI)

To view my past results and projections pick by pick, you can view my tracking sheet here.

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All payments are made through PayPal. If that doesn't work for you, send me an email ( or message me on Twitter as I can accept other methods such as Venmo, QuickPay, or Bitcoin.