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Are you ready to make serious money betting on the MLB? With Fast Break Bets, you are getting the best baseball betting picks on the web.  Whether you're just looking for some extra income or making a significant investment, you've come to the right place. I had a phenomenal season last year winning 123 units in just 3 months (July-September), and have developed an even better model for the 2017 season.

Since I use a model, my picks are purely analytical based. There's no "gut" picks, no chasing losses, and especially no "30 unit bomb plays" that so many touts do to inflate their results (or more often, destroy their clients' bankrolls). My picks follow a strict system to ensure long-term, consistent success by finding value in the betting markets.

Because I am so confident in my picks, I have an offer you can't possibly refuse...

Profit Guarantee

All my paid packages are covered by my #StraightCash Guarantee. If my picks are not profitable during the time of your subscription, then I will completely refund your original payment. You read that right: not a fraction of a refund, not an additional week or month of picks, but a full 100% refund. I'm here to turn the tout industry on it's head by offering the best deal in the business. If my picks lose, then I don't deserve to be paid for them. You literally have nothing to lose.

If you're not convinced, I understand. Many people give this business a bad reputation, but I'm here to change that. I'm not trying to make a fortune either - I just want to do what I love, share my passion and be able to help others in the process.

How does this work?

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. I send my picks each day via email, a private Twitter account, and an instant message app simultaneously. You can use all three methods, or just one - whichever works for you. I send out most picks by 9am EDT each morning, and then I may add a couple throughout the day because of line-up changes or line movements. I make sure that everyone has at least an hour before each game, but it's usually 2-3 hours for any additions.

In addition to MLB, I have developed winning models for WNBA and MLS that you'll profit from all summer long. Don't miss another pick by signing up today!

Past Results:

2017 MLB Season: 409-390, +53.19u (3.45% ROI) - As of August 9 View All Past Picks
2017 Bonus Picks: 60-42, +23.76u (14.2% ROI)

2016 MLB Season: 254-258, +123.08 Units (8.42% ROI) View All Past Picks

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If you're not quite ready to start, then I suggest that you subscribe to my blog to learn more about sports betting. There are a number of articles published here to get you started. I am always adding to my Resources page as well, which includes plenty of great tools to help you become more successful.

Lastly, feel free to ask me a question. I want this to be your go to place for all your sports betting needs, so I'd love to help you in any way I can.