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Are you new to sports betting? Check out my blog to learn everything you need to know to start becoming a successful sports bettor! If you are a sports betting rookie, read through the Sports Betting 101 Series first to learn the basics and avoid costly mistakes. And subscribe here for new articles!

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I am always adding to this list of free and paid tools that I use to make me more successful. This list includes books, podcasts, websites, and apps that will help rookie and veteran bettors alike. I reference these tools often and believe this list will get you on your way to becoming a winning sports bettor.

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Sports Betting Picks

2018 Sports Betting Resolutions

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Have you hit the gym as much as you said you would? Are you saving as much as you promised? Have you broken your new diet already? January 1st always bring us A […]

Betting NBA Teams Back to Back

Betting NBA Teams on a Back-to-Back

For quite a few years now, NBA teams playing a back-to-back has been a well-discussed angle for situational handicapping. A rested team is likely to outperform a less-rested team, so it’s logically sound and there are certainly profits to be […]

Choose an Online Sportsbook

How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

As exciting as it is to have so many sports betting options at our disposal, I know how overwhelming it can be to choose the right online sportsbook. For those that shop lines (which should be all of you if […]

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